3 Ways to Make Your Own DIY Houseplant Trellis

by Allan Wulff, MBA. Ph.D. 09/26/2021


Many popular houseplants are climbers in nature. Even when living in containers, many plants benefit from having something to climb or something to support them when they get larger and heavier. While there are lots of options available on the market for supporting your houseplants, you can also make your own trellises from inexpensive materials. Here are some DIY ideas for miniature houseplant trellises:

Collect Sticks & Branches

A fun and truly natural way to help your houseplants thrive is by giving them sticks or branches to climb. Many of the climbing plants you can get as houseplants such as pothos, monstera or orchids live by climbing up the bark of trees in the wild. Not only will this give the plants something to support their fresh growth as they stretch upward, it also makes for a very natural and rustic look. Try combining multiple branches of the same height into a tent shape for lush foliage. You can also craft a miniature ladder-shaped trellis out of found sticks and branches using twist ties, twine or florist wire.

Repurpose Takeout Chopsticks

Many larger plants and indoor trees get top heavy and require stakes to stand upright. However, for the plant that needs support when smaller, using takeout chopsticks as miniature stakes is an inexpensive and simple trick. All you need to do is stick one chopstick into the soil either beside or behind the main stem of the drooping plant, taking care not to damage any of the roots. You can wrap a piece of twine, a twist tie or florist wire to hold the plant upright against the stick. For even more stability, you can use both chopsticks to support the stem in between them.

Reshape a Metal Wire Hanger

While it takes a bit more work, reshaping a wire hanger into a DIY trellis gives you a lot of opportunity to be creative. Many pre-made trellises available come shaped in circles, hearts or complex geometric designs. By unwrapping and bending a wire hanger you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. Try using tools like wire clippers and needle-nose pliers to get more detailed control and cut the wire down to size if you need to. To avoid sharp edges, fold the end of each end into a tiny loop. Combine multiple hangers for more complicated or larger trellis designs, but keep in mind that the taller they get the less stable they will be.

Another great idea is to combine any of the above suggestions into a trellis using multiple materials. You can wrap wire around branches and use chopsticks as extra support. Regardless, these ideas will help you make simple and inexpensive supports for your potted plants while they grow.

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