DIY Decor to Highlight Your Recent Travels

by Allan Wulff, MBA. Ph.D. 08/22/2021

There's nothing more exciting than having the opportunity to travel. Whether you are taking a weekend trip to a nearby locale or you have planned an international adventure in hopes of seeing the world, you are going to make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

While traveling is wonderful, there's also something special about coming home to a place that you love. These travel-inspired DIY decor ideas will help you incorporate those wonderful moments abroad into your home's interior design.

Map Magnets

Map magnets are a subtle yet powerful way to showcase the places that you have visited throughout your lifetime. You can take the backings off of small frames, and attach a magnet so that they hang on the fridge. Instead of putting a picture inside the frame, cut out pieces of maps that you brought home from your adventures. You can display these magnets on your refrigerator as a way of commemorating your recent travels.

Travel Shadow Box

The possibilities are endless when you create your own travel shadow box. The materials that you will need for this project include an empty shadow box and a variety of souvenirs from your most recent vacation. Some ideas for things that you could put in your vacation shadow box include pictures, ticket stubs, maps, paper money or brochures. Many people opt to make their own background for the shadow box, either featuring a favorite landscape photo from their trip or the name of the destination they visited.

Framed Coin Collage

If you are a world traveler who collects foreign currency, then one of the most unique ways to display your collection is to design a framed coin collage. You can use a sturdy piece of cardstock or slim piece of cardboard to mount your favorite coins. Once you have completed your collage, you can frame it and display it in your hallway, study or living room. It is sure to make an interesting conversation piece for anyone who comes to your home.

Push Pin Map

One unique way that you can mark your past vacations while still looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead is to design your own push pin map. You can complete this project by taking a new map of a specific country or of the entire globe and attaching to a framed bulletin board. Use colorful push pins to mark the places that you have already visited and keep an extra set handy so you can keep adding destinations along the way.

Sand Souvenir Jar

The sand souvenir jar is the perfect travel-inspired home decor project for those who like to frequent the beach. Whenever you head to a new beach, bring home some sand. Pour that sand into a small bottle and add a few shells or other treasures that you found on the beach. Label the jar with the name of the beach where the sand was collected and use a cork to seal it shut.

When you display these mementos from your travels in a way that is inspiring and inviting, you will surely find yourself sharing more about your adventures with your family members and friends who visit your home. Plus, you will enjoy having these memories on display and close to your heart at all times.

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