Console Gamer Gift Guide

by Allan Wulff, MBA. Ph.D. 11/07/2021

For the ideal console gaming experience, there are a lot of pieces beyond the games themselves. While it might be difficult to buy games for people on your list, it’s easy to find gifts that will enhance and improve their time spent doing what they love. Here are some gift ideas for console gamers to help them make the most of their time at home:

Controller Charging Dock

Wireless controllers make console gaming as comfortable as possible. However, their lack of cables means that eventually they run out of charge. While most wireless controllers you can simply plug in to the console to charge via USB, dealing with additional cords can add unnecessary clutter to your game space. There is also the chance that if you don’t have a second controller and want to keep playing, you’re tethered to the console at whatever length the cord is. Instead, consider a controller charging dock you can place close to your favorite chair or sofa. Most allow for two controllers at once, which means you can swap them out effortlessly when needed, all without the hassle of USB cords.

All that being said, an extra controller is never a bad gift idea, either. The downside to the charging docks is that you can’t continue playing while a controller is charging. Having a backup will allow you to switch on the fly and get back into the action.

Membership Time Cards

Every major console has its own online membership service. These accounts keep track of all of your game purchases as well as allow you to access online gameplay features and community. Conveniently, you can find gift cards for set amounts of membership time available at retailers online and in person. A time card to Xbox Live, Nintendo Online or Playstation Plus will pay for several months or an entire year of membership in advance. This gets rid of monthly subscription fees for that time while giving the gift of unlimited online access for current games and any new ones they purchase.

The one downside to the time cards is that each console has a separate subscription and there is no convenient way to gift time to all of them at once. This means you’ll have to decide which membership will give you the most enjoyment for the money.

External Storage

Digital games take up a lot of storage space. For console gamers, there are few things more frustrating than realizing you need to delete one of your favorites before you can download something new. Consoles typically come in multiple storage size options, but any game collection will outgrow the built-in hard drive space. Luckily, you can buy separate drives in order to back up your games and make room for new adventures.

Another great advantage of external storage for consoles is that you can save and transfer image and video files. If you or the console gamer on your gift list likes to take screenshots or record video footage, they could definitely use the extra space. It also makes it more convenient to transfer files over to a PC or elsewhere.

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